Personal Mission

In setting up my private practice, I wanted to 
teach what I preach.  I couldn’t imagine prescribing 
relaxation in an uptight high-rise office building while
sitting behind a desk wearing a suit.  Coming to Carol Cronin Counseling immediately starts the destressing process from the minute you step in the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of historic Main Street in Odessa, DE.  Offering good conversation in a home-like cozy office sets the tone for holistic healing.  

The dynamic of if we think it then we believe it makes cognitive behavioral theory a primary foundation of how I work with clients.  However, I believe that good therapy extends beyond just changing your thinking.  Understanding that the human body is an ecosystem living within an ecosystem is a major key to healing.  The science of psychoneuroimmunology has proven that what we think affects our physical body to the point of raising or lowering our immune system’s ability to fight disease.  Everything is connected.

My training as a pastoral counselor allows me to understand client’s spiritual and situational issues at a deeper level.  My mission is to understand the issues, ensure client’s true intent, and help them to reconnect with their minds, bodies and spirits.  As we work toward client’s goals, methods of treatment can often be integrative.   Prescription medicine isn’t always the answer, even though it is often highly effective with some clients.  Other integrative modalities may be proper breathing; exercise; visualization and imagery; yoga; meditation; increasing water intake; journaling; and returning to play. Finding what works best with each client is a joint process which enables deeper healing for each individual.

Examining a client’s situation and how they want to live their life is an emotionally deep and personal experience.  I am non-judgmental.  I provide an encouraging hand to help a client through the process of identification and assessment.  Individual therapeutic programs are customized for each client’s comfort.  

With an extensive background in physical illness; cancer; mental health; substance abuse; grief; comparative religions; spiritual direction; childhood abuse; situational adjustment; as well as personally being married with two grown sons, I feel equipped to help clients with their life issues in a quiet, restful, and peaceful setting.  We work at a client prescribed pace.

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